Share the Joy of Creating Beauty with Gingezel™ Tile!

We do request you direct any customer queries to the manufacturer Zazzle. We are the artists creating the designs, not the manufacturer. What is in stock at any given time tends to vary.
Gingezel™ Tile provides vibrant high gloss designer ceramic insert tiles and fully customizable coordinating field tiles. Using digital ceramic production technology fine art and contemporary design are translated into decor with stunning results.
Gingezel Tiles from the Beige Standard Collection Gingezel Ceramic Tiles from the Black Plus Collection
The tiles are created to coordinate with Gingezel Decor collections and are available at Gingezel Tile Zazzle.
Ceramic tile from the Gingezel Blue Green Reflections Collection Ceramic tile from the Gingezel Blue Moods Collection.
Brown designer ceramic tile from the Gingezel Brown Classics Collection. Gingezel Tile Cozy Collection
Brown and harvest gold ceramic tile from Don's Collection at Gingezel. Gray designer ceramic tile from the Gingezel Gray Zones Colection
Gingezel Designer ceramic tile from the Ocean Villa Collection Plum purple ceramic tile from the Gingezel Perfect in Plum Collection.

Tiles are also available as decor accent trivets, keepsake boxes, coat hangers, and desk orgainizers to carry the ambience throughout your decor.

Mirjana Lazic Tile for a Danish touch
Gingezel is delighted to show you ceramic tiles by Danish designer Mirjana Lazic.

These are beautiful vibrant tiles, and depending on your monitor may print with more intense color than shows on your screen.
Gingezel ceramic tile designs are created in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. All designs © Gingezel™ Inc. Gingezel™ tile designs are available worldwide through our fulfillment provider Zazzle. Tile images courtesy of Zazzle. Photography by Donald S. Hall

Product images and link images courtesy of Zazzle. Product descriptions based on Zazzle descriptions.