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It has been interesting over the years to see how many places have cropped up that sell Print on Demand products, and what a range of products they put designs on. We try to choose to place our designs at businesses whose quality is at least as good as a nice bricks and mortar store. Occasionally we are pleasantly surprised to see the quality that would be expected in an upper end boutique. We test buy a few items from each outlet, but obviously we can't test everything. So please look at the reviews for a particular item before you buy it.

Print on Demand (POD) sites tend to be very dynamic. Products come and go. Some sites keep all your designs so a fan can purchase a favorite from years ago. Others clean designs out frequently, to keep the volume down and stay fresh. So all we can say is visit a site and browse around to see what is there.

Please note: We are just surface designers. The way this works is we allow companies to use our designs. They are the manufacturers and handle all customer service.

The links here or the offsite pages in the submenu will take you to the Gingezel stores at the sites we are at. If the submenu does not display well, please use the site map.


A Note on Affiliate Marketing
Gingezel™ participates in the affiliate marketing programs of iBooks, Amazon, and Zazzle. That means that if you buy a product through a click through from this site we will get a referral fee above the royalty we get from the license of our design. This does not change your cost for a product.

Gingezel™ does not have or pay affiliate marketers through a program of its own.

The fulfillment providers Zazzle, iBooks, Society 6 and Amazon have affiliate marketing programs. That means you will see Gingezel designs promoted for a percentage of the sale price on a variety of sites affiliated these companies. This ranges from major sales sites to small bloggers. Gingezel™ is in no way responsible for these or their opinions.


We are currently at:

ArtsAdd ~ this is a site that has really exceeded our expectations. A lot of our test purchases have turned out to be at the upper end boutique level. They have the widest range of fashion products of the sites we are at. They have a good range of decor too.

ArtofWhere ~ we love this site because it is Canadian, good quality, and has scarves. Scarves are Judi's favorite thing to design.

Deck the Walls ~ is a bricks and mortar store with an arrangement with Fine Art America to access the whole Fine Art America line.

DesignerPrints ~ is powered by Fine Art America but is only available "to the trade"

Fine Art America ~ this is a classic site to put art at, and has a wonderful community of artists. We encourage you to explore them as well as our art. Fine Art America runs a series of sites with the same art content but often with decor and fashion as well. These include, a for the design trade site. If you prefer bricks and mortar stores they affiliate with Framing Art Center in Canada. In the US there are Deck the Walls and The Great Frame Up.

Framing Art Center Canada ~ a bricks and mortar store that can order in our art, decor, lifestyle, etc through Fine Art America

GingezelPrints ~ is in our name but powered by Fine Art America. It has art, decor, fashion, and tech.

Pixels ~ is powered by Fine Art America, but has more decor, fashion, and tech items.

PAOM or Print All Over Me ~ has fantastic fashion and is probably the most restless and hard to use site. At the moment, if you don't want to have to scroll and scroll though our designs, go to the explore page in the header. Find the category you want, for example Men's trench coats, then add the designer Gingezel and search. That of course, may have changed tomorrow :-)

Society 6 ~ has amazing quality and a great community of artists. They have recently expanded into furniture which is exciting for us.

Spoonflower ~ is fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap. They are one of the first places we put our designs, and it has stayed a favorite.

TeePublic ~ is like its name says, focussed on t-shirts, but they are introducing more products.

The Great Frame Up ~ a bricks and mortar store that can order in our art, decor, lifestyle, etc through Fine Art America

Roostery ~ is a subsidiary of Spoonflower with soft good and wallpaper. We use the bedding. It is upper end quality.

Zazzle ~ is also one of the first places we were at. It is a bit restless, products come and go. It is also unusual in that third parties can print and sell through them if they meet quality standards. That really expands the products available. We have Bronze Pro Seller status with several themed stores there and we have linked to where you can choose your store.

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