Gingezel Tile Photos & Staging

to help you imagine the possibilities ...

Photo and Staging Gallery
This is a mix of photos by Don of our test prints, and 3D simulations Judi has done. Most photos are of trivets because we like to use our test prints ... Most of the other products you see with the Gingezel tile are available at our other Zazzle stores. Click for a larger image.
Staging beige tile Gingezel Web.jpg
wall of black fractal tile gingezel.jpg
scilla_pink_tile gingezel.jpg
wine_chocolate_tile trivet gingezel zazzle.jpg
abstract brown tile gingezel.jpeg
Staging blue stripe tile kitchen Gingezel at Zazzle.jpg
woven_look_brown_tile Gingezel.jpeg
trivet_apricot_tile Gingezel.jpeg
blue_feather_tile gingezel.jpg
tile_geo_brown gingezel.jpeg
Lagoon Blue Tile Gingezel.jpg
box with black fractal tile gingezel.jpg
Cozy Collection tile trivet Gingezel at Zazzle.jpeg
Berry geometric tile Gingezel at Zazzle.jpg
circles_tile gingezel.jpg
blue flower burst tile gingezel at Zazzle.jpg
tile_grey_spiral gingezel.jpeg
abstract_tile_box by Gingezel.jpg
brown_maze_tile_photo Gingezel at Zazzle.jpg
geranium_red_trivet gingezel.jpg
green mosaic tile Gingezel.jpeg
limestone-hills-trivet gingezel.jpg
the back of a zazzle tile.jpg

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