Gingezel Tile

A sampler of tiles ...

Some of the Gingezel Tile
Here are some of the Gingezel ceramic tiles available at Zazzle. All of the solid color field tiles can be customized. Please note these are digital images and you could see color shifts in printing. We recommend you order a test tile! Click on a tile for a larger view.
ocean villa beach tile gingezel zazzle web.jpg
Black fractal tile Gingezel Zazzle web.jpg
Gingezel dark blue abstract tile at Zazzle.jpg
Bright blue tile by Gingezel at Zazzle.jpg
wine tile gingezel zazzle web.jpg
tile desk organizer Gingezel Zazzle.jpeg
limestone hills tile Gingezel at Zazzle.jpg
Pink and Orange Bubble Fractal Tile Gingezel at Zazzle.jpeg
summer heat tile gingezel zazzle.jpg
Blue Green Triangles tile Gingezel Zazzle.jpeg
classic wine floral tile gingezel Zazzle.jpg
Black_Stripe_Art_Deco_Style_Tile gingezel Zazzle.jpg
Lagoon blue geometic tile Gingezel Zazzle.jpg
Dark_Aqua_Tile Gingezel at Zazzle.jpg
Pink Kaleidoscope Tile by Gingezel at Zazzle.jpg
Wheat squares tile Gingezel at Zazzle.jpg
Plum tile Gingezel at Zazzle.png
Peach tile Gingezel Zazzle web.jpg

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